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I'm proud to have earned the support of Law Enforcement and leaders in the Sacramento community.





























Thank you sheriff for everything you do! keep up the good work! — Ashwin Sahota

I support Scott Jones for Sheriff. — Steven Gonzales

I am interested in pledging my support call center, campaign center, financial contribution, etc. I will also proudly post a yard sign at my residence. Thank you — Daniel Jones

I believe Sheriff Scott Jones is our best and only real choice for law enforcement in Sacramento county. He is a proven leader with integrity that can be trusted. — David Hufstedler

— Ed Reeves

I support Scott Jones — Bill Grant

Scott Jones is the best Sheriff Sacramento has had, we need him to stick around! — Scott Livingston

I endorse Sheriff Scott Jones. — Bob Bastian, Twin Rivers School Board

I strongly support Scott Jone for re-election as sheriff. He has done a great job and the community should support his re-election. — Roger Baccigaluppi

As a community activist, I am proud to endorse Scott Jones as Sheriff. He stands for tough but fair policies on crime and encourages citizens to be proactive in creating safe neighborhoods. Scott Jones has been a friend to the good, responsible, eligible & trained citizen who wishes to carry a concealed firearm for the protection of his/her family and community. Thank you, Scott Jones for your service to the citizens of Sacramento — Elyse Hunt-MacKenzie

Having served over forty years in the Sacramento Sheriff's Department and having retired as a Chief Deputy Sheriff, I know what it takes to be a great Sheriff and a an administrator of one of the largest Sheriff's Departments in the nation. Scott has all the qualities to continue to be a great leader of a great law enforcement agency. — Robert Denham

I support Scott Jones for Sheriff ! — Cyrus Peralta

We need 4 yard signs. Will be used by other friends in area. — THOMAS HOLLOWAY, DDS

As the parents of one of his Deputies, we support Scott Jones as he not only stands for law and order, but backs his people. — Bill Fry

YES! I endorse Scott Jones, Can i have a yard sign! — Kyle Leonard

I support Scott Jones because he puts Sacramento residents safety before politics. — Yang Xiong

I have always supported Scott Jones. He has and continues to do a fantastic job. — Pamela Lake

Scott Jones is a true patriot! He is always trying to do right by his citizens he is responsible for! We will always back Scott Jones for sheriff! — Susie Wabs

I support law enforcement, I support Scott Jones! — Joseph Valadao

I love what Scott Jones continues to do for Sacramento County. He is definitely for the people! — Brandy Korth

Thank you for the past years. We will be voting and hoping for many more! — Brian Reynolds

Sheriff Jones is the man we want to lead county law enforcement. His common-sense leadership benefits those under him and those he serves. — John Schuff

Sheriff Jones is committed to protecting the citizens of Sacramento County, to include allowing our citizens to responsibly exercise their Constitutionally protected right to self defense. Thank you, Sheriff Jones! — Philip Webster

Sheriff Jones is the most community focused and common sense oriented sheriff we have had in my lifetime. He doesn't play politics with our safety! — Greg Hawkins

I have been a Sacramento County resident for over 30 years and have seen several others hold the office of Sheriff. In my humble opinion Scott Jones has been outstanding as Sheriff, not only as a lawman but also as a business conscious administrator and leader who has run a great department during these challenging fiscal times. — Larry Sikorski

I endorse Sheriff Scott Jones, — Bryan Farley

I'm a strong supporter of law enforcement as are all law abiding and law respecting citizens. Sheriff Jones has vastly improved the Sacramento County Sheriff's department in many ways. His continued, excellent leadership will further improve our sheriff's department's ability to provide excellent protection to this county's law abiding and law respecting citizens. Absolutely re-elect Sheriff Scott Jones! — ROBERT MILLS

We support Scott Jones! — JOHN HENLEY

Thank you Sheriff Scott Jones! You have my vote!!! — Madesta Everhart-Powers

We've always spoken highly of Sheriff Jones and couldn't have been happier when he was elected in 2010, and again in 2014. We stand by him 100%, 24/7! — Shannon Garrett

As President and CEO of the Criminal Justice Legal Foundation, I wholeheartedly give my Foundation's endorsement of Scott Jones for Sacramento County Sheriff. Sheriff Jones is tough, fair and independent, and a proven leader. The residents of Sacramento County are fortunate to have someone with Scott's commitment to public safety willing to serve as their Sheriff. — Michael Rushford

I support Scott Jones

— Elk Grove Councilman Pat Hume

I support Scott Jones for Sheriff.

— Folsom City Councilwoman Kerri Howell

I'm supporting Scott Jones for Sheriff

— Citrus Heights City Councilman Jeff Slowey

A great man leading a great department. — Jeff McCloud

Ha has done an excellent job as sheriff — James Graston

Scott Jones is the best man for the job! — Kyle Miller

I fully support Sheriff Scott Jones. He is the only candidate for Sacramento County! — Dennis Wycoff

Sheriff Scott Jones is a proven leader, a man of integrity and a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. I completely endorse Sheriff Jones. — Andrew Stephens

I endorse our great sheriff! — Anthony Hernandez

You have 100% of my support. I appreciate everything you and your officers do. — Luke Hlawaty

Support — Jena Vieira

Scott Jones has given us law abiding citizens someone to look up to! Thank you for all of your hard work and fighting for us, we will fight for you! — Cherish Carter

I endorse Scott Jones for Sheriff! — Jeffrey McHenry

I am happy to support you for another term as our Sheriff. I think you have done an outstanding job and will continue to do so! — Bettye Anthony

Total support! — Joseph Yarbrough

Scott Jones for Sheriff. — Ken Gouveia

I stand with my sheriff 100% — Bob Blackburn

Sheriff Scott Jones is a Sheriff by the people and for the people of Sacramento county.... Peter Robertson Arden Park — Peter Robertson

Support! — Lans Dresset

Previous Sheriff explorer, have met Scott Jones on a handful of times. Great guy and great Sheriff. Will gladly post a sign in our yard. — Justin Cambra

Sheriff Scott Jones has been a strong leader in our community and has stood up for the rights of law abiding citizens. He has given me the ability to protect myself and those I love, and for that I will forever be grateful. Despite the constant slander and harassment, he has continued to do what he knows is right. He is a man of integrity, honor and compassion. Anyone who thinks otherwise, obviously doesn't understand who he is and what he has done for Sacramento. My respect and admiration for Scott Jones has only grown over time. His true character speaks for itself. I am honored to have him as our Sheriff. He is a true role model for all. — Erik Patton

I support Scott Jones for Sheriff of Sacramento County! — DYLAN TYAGI

I endorse Scott Jones 100%. He is a voice of reason in a world that seems to be moving way off the track. — Kenneth Martzen

A Sheriff for the Law Abiding Citizens! — Cheryl Root

Best of luck to you! Stick to your conservative values and belief in true accountability for criminals and you have my vote! — Nick Gonnella

Scott Jones continues to lead the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department in the right direction. — Samuel Mitchell

— TOM Xiong

Sheriff Jones is a stand up guy, believes in all parts of the Constitution, and does not bow to the political elites in Sacramento. Keep up the good work Sheriff Jones. Thank you. — David Paige

You are the best sheriff and it’s pleasure to be on good side — Harjot Gill

Sheriff Scott Jones is TRUSTED, EFFECTIVE leadership we need to continue in our county. Sheriff Jones understands Sacramento County’s needs and trouble areas that need attention. I was happy to hear when he changed his mind and is seeking a third term! It’s a win for Sacramento County! Rowie & Brenda Sizemore Rancho Murieta, Ca — Brenda Sizemore

I have known and worked with and for Scott for the past 28 years. I have shared both professional (on duty), and social (off duty) interactions with him. Scott has one of the deepest and clearest understandings of what law enforcement in this modern decade needs. Off duty, Scott has always been a quality example of what it means to live by the oath that he swore. I’m proud to know him and I’m proud to offer my personal endorsement of him for this next term as sheriff. — Joel Short

— Aaron Hemness

Pro 2A and conceal carry permit holder for Sheriff Jones!!! — Robert Do

The man sac town needs today! — Terry Butler

Real common sense approach to the community and law enforcement. — Paul Jones

Yeah! — Rebecca Carbone
Darrell Daniel
Geoff Kniesch
Tony Diepenbrock
Irma Lopez
John Gospodnetich
Ken Friyz
Richard Horrocks
Jim Holtzclaw
Deborah Hehe
Michael Jakel
Dana Keffer
Douglas Burt
Steve & Pam Borglund
Ciara Villeggiante
Andrew Topich
Burton Leitzell
Dennis Gallagher
Jayla Lambuth
Ada Alvarado
Keaton Voulgarelis
Suzanne Carter
Pamela Lake
Jeffrey Benso
terry butler
Bryce Bombeck
Mohammad Hussain
Jonathan Houston
Michael Colvin
Justin Gregorio
Michael Ballard

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